Sasquatch Artist Of The Week: Com Truise

Last week, the Sasquatch Music Festival lineup was released to much fanfare. Like all festivals, some hated the lineup while others loved it. For the more levelheaded, it appears to be a very balanced lineup with a deep undercard. From here on out we will be underscoring how great the undercard is by writing about a new Sasquatch artist every week. Beyond delving into each artist’s bio, sound, etc., we will attempt to give some insight into what will make their performance at Sasquatch, a truly unique festival, so amazing.

Without further ado, we welcome our first artist of the series: Com Truise aka Seth Haley. Haley was born and raised in upstate New York, resides in Princeton, New Jersey, and has been making electronic music for about a decade. Before identifying himself as Com Truise, Haley worked under the monikers Sarin Sunday, SYSTM and Airliner. He was a DJ, then dabbled in drum and bass, and now works within a genre he calls “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk.” Truise is a unique musician, because he truly doesn’t have an contemporaries that sound like, or work in the manner that he does.

Download: Com Truise – Cyanide Sisters EP

Truise has been signed to progressive label Ghostly International (Gold Panda, Dabrye, Tycho) and he fits perfectly among the label’s the diverse roster. Utilizing hardware synths and software, Truise creates lush, funky synth-wave. Haley places as much importance on the technological side of music as the creative side and cites film (he stated in an interview he watches Blade Runner once a week!) and visual work in general as a massive influence in his music. Haley also cites Boards of Canada and Joy Formidable as influences, groups known for their intricate arrangements and attention to detail.

In all likelihood, Com Truise will have a late afternoon time slot in the Banana Shack (dance tent), usually a fairly dead time. Also in all likelihood, Truise will bring one of the best sets of the day ala Gold Panda last year and wow fans new and old. As much as I would love to let Haley’s music waft over the mainstage lawn, the dance tent will have to do.

Truise is also playing tonight at The Echoplex in Los Angeles at a Check Yo Ponytail 2 event. Truise made an exclusive mix for the vent that you can stream and download below.


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