Kohoutek Is A Comet and One of the Most Enjoyable Music Festivals In Southern California

Photo by Juliana Bernstein

As Spring rolls around and the weather warms up, it seems like every college in America holds some form of Spring music festival. Whether you go to a massive state university, or a tiny liberal arts college, your school is likely to have some sort of festival, carnival, or other live music event. I happen to attend one of those tiny liberal arts colleges (go figure), and every year, Pitzer College puts on Kohoutek Music and Arts Festival on the school’s version of a quad, a series of rolling grass bumps called “mounds.” The festival is named after a comet that was first sighted in 1975, and the event has been a staple of Spring life in Claremont, CA. This year’s festival takes place on April 27 and 28 and includes two full days of music, arts, food and great people.

Kohoutek is one of those few times of year when nearly the entire student population gathers together to take their favorite hallucinogens and listen to whatever blog darlings the student committee has chosen for that year. In the past, The Roots, Blackalicious, Blu, Zion I and Mr. Lif have performed. One year, GZA and his entourage stole a bunch of sound equipment. Another year, a performer climbed a 30 foot tall tree and played from one of its branches. This shit has history… At least for Pitzer students.

This year, DFA Records rep The Juan Maclean and San Francisco folk-favorites Vetiver are headlining, with beat scene up-and-comee Co. Fee, Seattle hip hop mainstays The Knowmads and talented multi-instrumentalist LYNX on the undercard. The lineup is filled out by Tornado Rider, Young Rapscallions, Raheem Cohen, Cogito, Shakey Graves and several student bands. The Juan Maclean put on an incredible show in the DFA dance-punk model. Co. fee is one of the most innovative artists in the beat scene at the moment.  McLovin will be there. No really, he will. He’s a member of Young Rapscallions. The Astral Plane will be out in force. You should come. It’s only a quick jaunt from Los Angeles.

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