Freddie Gibbs Still Bangs, But Expands His Sound On New Mixtape

Freddie Gibbs has never been one to hold back from telling his tale, both in interviews and in his music. From his days robbing trains to his flawless post-being dropped from Interscope string of releases, the Gary, Indiana MC has been honest to the core. Keepin’ it real has been out of vogue for a while, but there isn’t a better way to describe Gangsta Gibbs. Baby Face Killa is Gibbs’ latest mixtape and includes a menagerie of guests new and old. DJ Drama probably chose a few of them, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, although I can’t really imagine Gibbs working with Kirko Bangz without being cajoled into it. All Drama (see what I did there) aside, Spaceghostpurrp and Krayzie Bone trading paranoiac verses on “Kush Cloud”, Z-Ro assisting in some car fetish rap and Young Jeezy groveling certainly add a few extra dimensions to the tape. Of course, Gibbs doesn’t get drowned out by all of the gusts, managing to touch on everyman rap tropes, both new and old with unabated confidence. The hood is still fucked up and Gibbs still bangs, but now he’s doing it with a more diverse sound palette. What more can you ask for?

Download: Freddie Gibbs – Baby Face Killa

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