New 5kinAndBone5 – “Forest Nymphs”

Despite an abrasively meta online persona, 5kinAndBone5 have a penchant for crafting delicate, grounded dance tracks. The SF/LA based duo originally set out to produce for MCs, but have morphed into one of the most adaptable, innovative acts in North American bass music. Last time we were with 5kinAndBone5, they were making revivalist garage music, but it seems as if they’ve moved into the world of techno, or “Virtual Detroit” as they call it. While “Forest Nymphs” is a techno track, it has the funky feeling of classic Chicago house and is far warmer than most of the Berlin-centric techno being produced these days. This is techno for people who hate techno, more relaxed and less clomping than the standard fare. Stream “Forest Nymphs” below.

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