Premiere: SYYMSTRESS – CRD (feat. Don Sinini)


Having previously churned out ballroom inflected productions as 199? (and thrown the Aerial parties with AQWEA), London-based artist Henry Degnin has re-dubbed himself SYYMSTRESS and has readied the introductory 04.04.90, a five track effort that flirts with slower melodic sounds and turn-of-the-millennium R&B influence. Out today as a free download04.04.90 functions as a step away from Degnin’s more prickly dancefloor material and towards and more carefully constructed sound and no song on the release epitomizes that more than “CRD”, a collaboration with fellow Londoner Don Sinini that functions on a similar wavelength to productions by the likes of Mechatok, Sami Baha and Silk Road Assassins. With a release on Tight Knit Records and a collaboration with Yayoyanoh on the way, expect to hear much more SYYMSTRESS this year, but for now 04.04.90 is an idyllic introduction to this London up-and-comer.

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