Introducing Khadije and Lil Asaf


Last week, we released “Msll777”, the debut single from Khadije and Lil Asaf. The track is a preview of a longer project from the duo out later this Spring. Khadije is a Beirut-born, Berlin-based multi-disciplinary artist. You probably know her work under a different name, but Khadije is an entity autonomous from previous and future work. Lil Asaf, also known as Bashar Suleiman, is a Palestinian rapper and producer based in Amman. A previous solo effort was released by Hizz in 2018 and his work as INSIN with Welsh producer Elvin Brandhi was released by AMEN in late 2019.

The video for “Msll777” was directed by Yusra Nazek and shot in Beirut. The whole project came together in a matter of weeks and we’re extremely grateful to be working with this talented group of friends. You can grab “Msll777” here and be on high alert for more Khadije and Lil Asaf soon.

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