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I’m going to avoid using the obvious meteorological indicator here, because 1) it’s overused, and 2) it limits imaginative criticism. Seattle maestros Blue Sky Black Death recently took a stab at pimp impresario 100s and Mondre Man’s “Closer” and brought the possibly sleep walking Nacho Picasso along for the ride. The West Coast connection works seamlessly and proves once again that Oakland and Seattle (no Macklemore) are stylistically closer than ever in 2012. Of course the Pacific Northwest will always be a step behind the Yay, but guys and gals like Nacho, Kingdom Crumbs, THEESatisfaction and Key Neyata are closing the gap. Anyways, “Closer” is pretty much what you would expect so lay back and indulge in your favorite strain.

We fucked up on the Bay Bridge

100s is a 19 year old Berkeley rapper with a whole lot of nostalgia for 90’s West Coast gangster rap. Unlike many nostalgists who pick either LA or the Bay, 100s combines the two for his own 2012 take. There’s nothing revolutionary here. G-funk, hyphy and beats lay the brickwork for raps about pimpin’ and slangin’, Newports and 22’s, perms and brick phones. With its Doggfather-inspired art, Ice Cold Perm doesn’t try to hide its nostalgia either, instead opting for really good rapping and diverse production. In some ways, the tape is the West Coast parallel to Joey Bada$$’ 1999, both MC’s unabashedly embracing their forefathers. Oh and Main Attrakionz and Ryan Hemsworth make appearances. Stream below and grab the tape for free here.