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The following 25 songs are a combination of the most played songs in our iTunes and the songs we most like to play out in the club (ok, living room). It’s also an attempt to condense the dozens of wildly variegated styles we covered this year into something resembling cohesion. Shlohmo & Jeremih come in at number one, but that slot could have easily gone to any other song that precedes it. That being said, there wasn’t a song that we listened to, chanted along with and occasionally cried to more than the inimitable “Bo Peep (Do U Right)”. Without further ado, 25 songs that a few people really enjoyed…

25.) Hysterics – Code Switch (Club Mix) [Night Slugs]

24.) Thundercat – Heartbreaks + Setbacks [Brainfeeder]

23.) Kevin Gates – 4:30 AM [Mixtape]

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brutalism copy

2013 was a year. A year that saw quite a few of our favorite artists release the best work of their careers. As a blog that (purports) to cover the hip hop and electronic music worlds, we here at The Astral Plane faced a deluge of quality releases on a nearly weekly basis and while we disappeared for long stretches of time, we still attempted to keep up with the boundary pushing best we’ve come to revere and expect. The following songs and releases will hopefully act as a time capsule for what was covered in 2013 and for the direction that some of our favorite artists/genres/ambiguous sounds are trending in. In our estimation, music got weirder and more angular in 2013, as club music became more sparse and percussive and hip hop flows took on an alien, supernatural quality. A good amount of the following songs/releases made it on here because they sounded right as we drove around in the sun on Los Angeles’ web of freeways. Others made it because we couldn’t stop chanting their chorus’. Others transported us to protean, subterranean universes we’ll likely never see in reality. All in all, 2013 was an impossibly fun year, one that reiterated the lack of limits and talent out there and repositioned the roll that popular music plays in our daily lives.

50.) Zora Jones – Money Cat [Pelican Fly]

49.) Dark Sky – Voices [Mister Saturday Night]

48.) Nils Frahm – For (Max Cooper Remix) [Self-Released]

47.) P-Lo – Going To Work [Mixtape]

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