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In a recent stateside appearance that I attended, Brainfeeder representative Lapalux unloaded a surprising array of jagged, percussive tracks that both surprised the crowd and reinforced his position as an innovator. The development wasn’t all that out of the blue as he had unloaded Tessela’s breakbeat laden “Hackney Parrot” at another performance several months before, but for most the crowd, the jungle-derived selection was a far cry from the beatific harmonies on his debut album Nostalchic. Last night though, Lapalux uploaded a vowel-less remix of Young Thug’s breakout “Danny Glover”, drawing 808 Mafia’s misanthropic melody into something far more affecting and bereft of melodrama. It’s a heartstring tugging rendition, representing his erudite focus on what makes R&B and hip hop dominant forms of American culture.