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We only jumpstarted our Sounds From The Astral Plane series a few weeks ago, but this edition will (unfortunately) most likely be the last of 2012. We do have a few nice features coming your way in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled. This week, we have two (!) Missy Elliot reworks, a quartet of amorphous mixes and more on-point Kid Smpl night bus vibes. Much love as always.

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Do y’all fuck with juke? ‘Cus if you’re really down with juke then you fuck with Teklife. See DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn and friends are basically the foundation of the Chicago micro-genre in contemporary times. Think of them as the DMZ of juke. Not only have they been there from the start, but they’ve brought the heart attack inducing sounds to new audiences without relinquishing any artistic integrity whatsoever. The suburban masses have embraced juke over the past few years, undeniably watering down the sound, but the aforementioned dudes (and Machinedrum) are still making tip top tunes. Not resting on their laurels, Spinn released Teklife Vol. 2 on Lit City Trax this week and Rashad took on Bristol-native Addison Groove’s already huge “I Go Boom”. The results are catastrophic in the best way possible. As in you have to have real guts to show off your skills to this rapidfire jawn. The track is off of an “I Go Boom” remix EP, out November 9 via 50Weapons.