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It’s been awhile since I have posted on any new jazz albums or groups…until now! I would like to introduce you to Indigo Jam Unit. Formed in Osaka, Japan, in 2005, these guys have been dropping great releases for awhile.  The unit consists of Yoshichika Tarue (piano), Katsuhiko Sasai (double bass), Isao Wasano (percussion & drums), and Takehiro Shimizu (drums). The unit initially started out as a trio and then added Shimizu to the drum line up before their first album, DEMONSTRATION (February 2006). Since this first album, the quartet has released five LP’s, an album remixing some of Common’s songs with his original verses over their jams, and a cover album, Rose. 

This track is from the album, Re:Common , and reworks his song ‘Come Close’. Indigo Jam Units unique sound comes from the combination of all four members. Tarue’s melodic piano and Sasai’s driven bassline are integral to each track with the two artists pairing their instruments perfectly. What sets Indigo Jam Unit’s apart, is the use of two drummers. With Shimizu and Wasano working together to create an explosive rhythm that is prominent throughout each track.

The unit’s most recent release was the album, Independent, and should be checked out by anyone who enjoys complex drumlines and if you want to check out a band that can meld their unique sounds flawlessly. Even more impressive, is the bands devotion to uphold their ideal of being ‘live musicians’. The unit performs only single takes for every song that they put onto a record. I strongly urge you to explore their music and with some easy google searching you can find album downloads. Lastly, check out their awesome cover of ‘Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter’ by Nina Simone