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So so many other Golden State producers of his ilk, Giraffage has been on a constant upward trajectory over the past few years and appears primed to make some major waves at the intersection of dance music and hip hop. San Francisco-born Charlie Yin’s latest effort, “Close 2 Me”, features a sample from Cathy Dennis’ disco anthem “Touch Me All Night Long” and light-hearted squiggling synth stabs. The high hat-heavy percussion offers up a light hearted angle to the somewhat tedious vocal sample, which comes off as heavy-handed for the most of the track. “Close 2 Me” will appear on Giraffage’s Needs tape, which drops February 12 via Alpha Pup.

Having witnessed Low End Theory resident Nobody lay down the freshest in hip hop leaning dance music (or dance leaning hip hop if you prefer) a dozen or so times, it’s no surprise that dude can lay down an outright banger. We’ve seen him lay down psych rock and funk in the past, but “Rex” is his first (official) attempt at drowning out and rising above the masses in the so-called trap game. In reality though,  “Rex” is just a really fucking large hip hop beat just aching for Danny Brown to hop on. Like really, have you heard a beat more tailor made for The Hybrid? Praying to the hip hop gods for that one. Anyways, “Rex” is the A-Side to Nobody’s new single, dropping  onNovember 13 via Alpha Pup.