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jerome lol fool

With only a few weeks until the release of Jerome LOL’s Deleted/Fool EP (out February 4 on Friends of Friends), the Los Angeles-based badman has handed us another carrot in the form of “Fool”. The song’s base is comprised of chugging, swung, machine techno with the brilliant Angelina Lucero putting in a transcendent vocal performance over the top. It’s brooding, propulsive and deeply affecting and while those adjectives come up often when speaking of Jerome’s music, “Fool” is as unique a track as we’ve received from him since the LOL Boys era. It represents both maturation and a condensation of the sound that he’s been fiddling with over the years, matching the dance music proclivities of much of his remix work with the deeply melodic, vocal-based work of his solo material. Deleted/Fool can’t come soon enough.