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Unreleased Jacques Greene, Zodiac, Ango, Arclight and Samoyed. Free unreleased Jacques Greene, Zodiac, Ango, Arclight and Samoyed. Sound a little bit like heaven? Nope, just VSE07, the latest (did I mention free) release from Greene’s Vase imprint. All hyperbole aside, VSE07 is a solid collection of unreleased and remastered jawns that are sure to get your skin tingling if you have any interest in the sounds Montreal has been promulgating over the past few years. The comp was originally a freebie for attendees of a Vase showcase in London last month, but Greene and his compatriots were too kind to allow this one to slip away into the ether. Arclight’s “Obsidian” is the tape highlight and sees the duo taking on psych rock. Stream “Obsidian” below and grab the full comp here.

Incest generally has some negative connotations, but when it’s remix incest between members of Jacques Greene’s Vase label, I just can’t get enough of it. It’s fair to say that Jeremy Rose aka Zodiac has shed the weight of the expectations built on The Weeknd controversy and built an impressive resume of individual productions. Rose’s latest is a remix of Arclight’s “Vitamin D”, off of the Hollographic EP. Whereas the original explores abstract ambience, Zodiac kicks it into gear, applying hip hop percussion for a result not dissimilar to Shlohmo’s first few beat tapes. Breathing and heavily chopped vocals are utilized as the main instruments amid Rose’s blunt percussion. With Arclight’s impressive vocal work and Zodiac’s dexterity in the realm of hip hop and R&B, the duo could prove formidable if they ever get together again. Oh and Vase stays winning. Stream below. (Via.)