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The conversation between dance music’s totemic house/techno scenes and its on-the-cusp and more internet-focused “club” scenes hasn’t always been consistent or fertile. Or genial for that matter. More often than not, artists are seen to age out of the latter to move into the comfortable confines and consistent booking schedules of the latter. Chicago’s Ariel Zetina has flipped that model on its head, thriving in the hallowed halls of four-on-the-floor while simultaneously pushing boundaries via her own productions and nights.

Zetina is a resident at Chicago’s smartbar where she throws the Diamond Formation night, hosting artists like DJ Lag, Mobilegirl, Nkisi and Ziúr at the venerable club. She also throws Rosebud at Berlin, Ariel’s Party at the Hideout and is a resident at the traveling Rumors night. Ariel is busy, and across all of that, brings a verve for matching the best and most energetic components of the house/techno canon with ballroom, Bmore/Jersey/Philly Club and the latest hybridized creations.

Her own productions are the lynchpin to the whole act, starting with the anthemic, London Jade-featuring “Addy” (released on Boukan Records) and on to “Binary Twink”, a pounding collaborative effort with Imp Queen from a performance of the same name. Ariel’s tracks have also appeared on compilations from Club Chai, Gays Hate Techno, SHXME, Sweat Equity and TRASH CVLT, forming a suitably broad constellation of her work. Her next release will be out on Houston’s Majía, an adventurous move for both artist and label.

Not surprisingly, Ariel’s Astral Plane Mix is a full frontal affair, jumping out of the gate with Karen Finley’s iconic “Enter Entrepreneur” performance piece before leaping through Alden Tyrell, Green Velvet and Marlon D on one end of the spectrum and Precolombian, Kid Cala and LSDXOXO on the other. With the exception of a disarming pause in the form of Korma’s “Skin Horse”, the mix is lithe and energetic, full of long blends and bizarro juxtapositions. Zetina covers a ton of ground, but everything included has an inherent bounce to it, unbridled kinetic energy that forms a bond between disparate forms. Don’t miss the recent volume of “Addy” remixes from the likes of False Witness, FOOZOOL and Max Holiday and be on the lookout for major moves from Ariel over the coming weeks and months. Track list after the jump. Download here.

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