Initially garnering attention with the Energy Plaza EP in July 2013 (out on Cocobass), Margaret Antwood has been floating on the periphery of the dance music world for the better part of two years now, consistently flirting with a breakthrough into the wider club consciousness, but generally preferring to engage from an outsider perspective. Out tomorrow (July 28) on B.YRSLF DIVISION, Antwood’s Work Focus EP, should change that immediately, its six tracks offering a fully fledged view into the producer’s mechanized world view. Alongside fellow B.YRSLF artists Trap Door and Tsvi, Antwood has effortlessly merged retro synth flourishes with machinic percussion and dystopia-rendering sound design. Tracks like “Work Focus” and “Coincidence Part 2” don’t just sound metallic or pump along at a predictable pace though, they seem to embody the workmanlike spirit of automated labor and the factory environment at large. Premiered below, “Coincidence Part 2” consists of heaving hydraulic noises and piston-esque kicks, recalling an alien Detroit sensibility with a distinctly modern twitch. Look out for Work Focus tomorrow and check out a few other previews from the EP here.


Coming off of a series of intriguing edits, Italian producer Tsvi has garnered placement on b.yrsfl disparate roster, joining a cadre of talented, yet unproven producers. The EP hasn’t been granted a release date quite yet, but Tsvi’s melodious productions have hit more than a few pegs on the club music bulletin board, drawing a pastiche of influences into his own propulsive soup. It’s the interstices of said influences where Tsvi shines though, the points in “Malfunction” where everything seems to fall away, only to be brought back through the stomping, Jersey club-indebted kick drum that has appeared in nearly every Tsvi production to date.


Alongside fellow Gang Fatale members Neana, Georgia Girls and Ra’s Al, Trap Door (born Connor Shepherd) has rocketed into the popular consciousness over the past several months. Whereas Neana cuts deep with razor-sharp percussive tools and Georgia Girls throws an array of frenzied samples and sonic manipulations into the mix, Manchester-resident Trap Door prefers a clean, stripped back approach to dance music. While an exact release date has not been announced quite yet, Shepherd will release the Emerald Dove EP on B.YRSLF DIVISION at some point in the next several months. Emerald Dove will feature remixes from Mike G, Dreams and Grandivaa.