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According to Sir Issac Newton’s laws of physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In the world of overblown dance/rap hybrids, this is especially true. With the whole trap bidness jumping the shark a long time ago, an equal and opposite response appears to be simmering below the surface. The response won’t come in the form of stodgy remarks about the trend’s viability, but in a reversal and re-appropriation of its best elements. Seattle-resident Astronomar has taken the first stab at this task via a series of three “Untrapped” edits. Astronomar takes on track’s by Baauer, UZ and Etc! Etc! & Brillz and removes them from their dubstep approximation roots. UZ’s “V6” is transformed into a piece of rollicking techno while Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” falls into the as-of-yet-to-be-defined category of North American club music championed by Body High. The elements of each track will be familiar to revelers at college parties and rave festivals, but Astronomar adds some much needed flair and innovation to each edit. Stream and download below.

just blaze and baauer

When great minds meet, the results are often cataclysmic, but when great minds with equally bombastic impulse meet, the fireworks are really set off. A collaboration between Just Blaze and Baauer would have seemed farfetched six months ago, but we survived the apocalypse last month so anything is possible. “Higher” is not for the weak of heart, and while the Hova samples might be a little, let’s say outdated, the lights shine especially bright on these two impresarios. Burn this motherfucker down. Or something like that. Stream below.

riley lake

Last Friday, we debuted Riley Lake’s very real “Request Line” mix as part of our very real and very professional early 2013 music bidnes coverage. We’ve sat on the originals for FIVE WHOLE DAYS, but it’s probably about time to let the dragon out of the bag. To start off the edit induced run of madness, Riley’s Boddika influenced remix of Baauer’s shmassive “DumDum” deserves some individual shine. In proper techno form, Riley has clearly been indulging in some dark UK ish and is sounding more and more like Mannie Fresh/Bangladesh/DJ Toomp locked in the Berghain basement with every new upload. We all ❤ Sunklo after all so stream and download below and keep your ears perked for more edits on the horizon.

I’s been an incredibly busy day in The Astal Plane’s “office”. This morning, we let Volume 2 of our Mixes From The Astal Plane series loose on the public and as far as we know it’s bringing the ruckus somewhere uptown. While we believe our mix is indisputably the mix of the day, several other esteemed acts have released mixes of their own for consumption by the general public. Instead of writing three separate posts, I’m going to take the easy way out.

First off, we have LA duo and consonant enthusiasts Nguzunguzu bringing the heat with this month’s FACT mix. The duo of Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda come through with an expertly curated selection of bass, Jersey club and pop tunes to get your bood flowing. Short, sweet and simple, Nguzunguzu splay 20 tracks over the mix’s 35 minute runtime, opting for effective/pragmatic mixes over thunder and lightning. Head over to FACT to listen/download.

Our second mix is actually a live as opposed to a pre-recorded deal and comes from Warp and LuckyMe representative Hudson Mohawke. Live from Livin’ Proof in East London, HudMo displayed a masterful grasp of American hip hop new and old. Head over to the BBC and skip to 2 hour 9 minutes to catch the Glaswegian’s set.

If I told you that a certain Brooklyn-based producer laced BBC with a VIP edit of breakout hit “Harlem Shake”, you probably wouldn’t be interested right? Well, it’s true. Baauer was on Radio 1Extra’s Diplo and Friends program over the weekend and laced the world with a series of tarp-y tracks. There was some new Ryan Hemsworth, a little Salva/RL Grime, a little ƱZ. Again, you’re probably not interested. Head over to BBC and skip to the second hour to catch Baauer’s antics.

You know that sensation you get deep inside your brain when you realize you’ve found something big. When a movie, meal, song or any other type of creative inspiration hits you in the dome with an unexpected force. That’s the feeling we got when we first came upon Brooklyn-based producer/DJ Baauer’s Soundcloud. It is no secret that we love our hip hop-influenced, maximalist bass music, nor that we have a soft spot for some ignant Southern shit. Baauer represents the perfect intersection between the two. So we reached out to him for an interview and couldn’t be more pleased with the result. For years, Baauer was a 4/4 house and electro DJ going by the name CapnHarry, “a joke name to match the music I was making.” Around six months ago, he switched up his style to hip hop and Baauer was born. He didn’t abandon the dance music ethos he had established as CapnHarry. Instead, he translated it into hip hop, making the biggest, most souped up beats imaginable. Taking cues from Southern hip hop and UK bass, as well as his brethren at Brooklyn-based collective Trouble & Bass, Baauer has gone from virtual unknown to having his tracks played out by Lunice and Hudson Mohawke. This interview has a few gems in it thanks to a quirky coincidence and will give you the inside scoop on an artist that has been making waves from small clubs outside of Los Angeles to the streets of London. Check the full interview after the jump.

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