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In which Balam Acab drowns Rick Ross and Usher in a vat of boiling jello mix. The Pennsylvania phenom has released a number of wonky tunes to his Soundcloud in recent months, his latest being a slopped and wetted (his words not mine) take on the oh so mediocre “Touch’n You”. When Acab reworks pop tunes like this, he doesn’t try and make them palatable to the bedroom, the club, or anywhere else for that matter. They operate deep under the sea among the lantern fish and ocean geysers and aren’t even really meant for ears. Listen if you dare.

Drop it to the flo

Balam Acab says this track is a joke. I say otherwise. It seems like everyone has been hopping on the “trap” wagon, that is southern hip hop drums mixed with more traditional dance music genres. “Ass Pop” is heavy. Real heavy. And might just be one of the best songs to define the burgeoning sound. It comes off as club music at first, but this shit is just dripping in Balam’s experimental style, dipping in and out of the listeners mind as it bubbles and glistens. Broken faucet dance music right here. Stream “Ass Pop” below.

Balam Acab is 20 year old Pennsylvania native Alex Koone. It’s strange that this is his first appearance on The Astral Plane, but hopefully you’ll let it slide. Koone makes haunting, downtempo tracks with enough reverb and distortion to make you feel sick to your stomach (in the best way possible). There’s plenty of dub influence in Koone’s music, as well as a good amount of almost indecipherable boom bap. Think of him as the baroque Shlohmo.

Lushlife is also from Pennsylvania. The MC/producer released on last years most underrated releases, the No More Golden Days tape. Lushlife’s upcoming album, Plateau Vision, will be released on April 17 and feaures Styles P, Heems (of Das Racist) and Cities Aviv. Several songs have been released from the album. You can find them at Lushlife’s Bandcamp.

Balam Acab’s remix of Lushlife’s “Still I Hear The Word Progress,” which features Styles P, combines the best aspects of both artists work. Lushlife and Styles’ vocals are heavily distorted into a screwed drawl here, infused with organic drips and drops and powerful hi-hats. Relieving the original of its overwrought chorus, Balam reduces it into a series of “hey, hey hey” chants, transforming the track into a dark, introspective mess that is only cleared up by the two MC’s disturbing vocals. Stream and download the track below and look out for Plateau Vision later this month.

Stream/Download: Lushlife – “Still I Hear The Word Progress” feat. Styles P (Balam Acab Remix)