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In which Friends of Friends affiliate and DC/LA resident Pcoat reduces BenZel’s much remixed “Fallin’ Love” into a primordial soup of choppy synth work, heavily pitched vocals and clicking percussion. The remix repeatedly sounds like it’s going to fall off the tracks into an off-beat “experimental” mish mash, but Pcoat stays the course and steadies the project. I would expect to hear much more from this dude in the future. Stream and download below.


After returning with the Prince-like “Speedway” last month, Julio Bashmore and Hytal look primed to establish 2013 as the year of Velour. Not only will the duo release “Speedway” (along with b-side “Dial”) in the near future, but they’ve also remixed BenZel’s “Fallin’ Love” to full bedspring squeaking effect. Borrowing a good deal of influence from mid-aughts Ed Banger material, Bashmore and Hyetal utilize stomp boxes, cheesy vintage synths and a “Hyph Mngo”-esque intro for an absolutely massive crossover banger that fits perfectly atop the current trends in UK electronic music. Stream Velour’ “Fallin’ Love” remix below and hit the jump to stream “Dial”.