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With the Stash EP set to be released on April 15 via Aus Music, Bicep have let loose another tantalizing preview in the form of “Rise”. In a similar vein as fellow EP cut “The Game”, “Rise” is dark, moody and a far stretch from the indulgent, peak-time tracks that caught everyone’s attention in 2012.  There are no diva vocals here and no ecstasy-inducing hooks. “Rise” is repetitious as hell and feels somewhat rough and unfinished. It’s not the type of track that will catch the average listener, but just wait until that perfect late night moment and it will bring out the very best in a dancefloor. Stream below and pre-order Stash here.


Through both their curatorial abilities and impeccable string of releases, Irish duo Bicep has forced the house music “community” to their knees, effectively popularizing a strand of previously ignored “retro” house. Of course, Bicep aren’t the only act to go back to the basics, but they have received an inordinate amount of attention and deserve a good deal of it. PLUS THEY SAMPLE OMAR LITTLE ON THEIR LATEST SONG!!! Sorry, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. “The Game” opens with a classique “it’s all in the game quote” from Baltimore’s gun toting Robin Hood before embracing some moody garage. I’m a sucker for The Wire so excuse my overt enthusiasm for an otherwise solid, but not remarkable effort. When’s that movie coming out anyway?

Can you feel that Bicep? The rippling, omnipresent, all-powerful Bicep? We sure can. With a tune already in the running for song of the year (“Visions Of Love”), the Belfast duo has arrived at the forefront of the house game and are looking to flex nuts whenever possible. Their latest tune, “Feel It”, is a bit of Todd Edwards-esque phonk that probably incites mass fist pumping (gasp) when played out. So can you feel it? We sure can.

To mark the launch of their brand new label, Feel My Bicep, the UK duo let loose this “cheeky 90s piano houser” on the unsuspecting public. The UK duo has built quite an internet presence and have become known for their excellent garage and house riddims as well as their tongue in cheek blogging. “Vision Of Love” will be released on vinyl on September 24, but you can stream it now.