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atlantics vol 3

While inconsistent at times, New York-based party collective/label Astro Nautico’s annual 4/20 Atlantics compilation is easily one of our most anticipated releases every year and always includes a few up-and-comers that are sure to make big moves in the coming eight months. Last years’s volume included tracks from current heavy hitters like Morri$ (Night Slugs), Baauer (LuckyMe) and Djemba Djemba (Mad Decent) as well as a bevy of under appreciated producers along the lines of Pixelord, Time Wharp and Abel. Volume 3 features some Astral Plane favorites including Big Voyage, Druid Cloak and up-and-coming live act Archie Pelago. At 32 tracks, there are some duds of course, but the majority of the tape is truly quality and features some real gems (Seafloor’s “Your Symphony”). Furthermore, it’s free. That’s right, 32 free tracks from your favorite producers. For free. Enjoy.

At a certain point, the current R&B sampling trend in bass music will become pastiche, but until then, I’ll eat up every second of it. Brooklyn’s own Elias Ravin aka Big Voyage takes sample culture to an extreme, crafting hectic patchworks of R&B, hip hop, jazz and dance tropes that succeed in cohesion more often than not not. Ravin’s latest effort, “Only”, infuses Mariah Carey’s “All My Life” with live sax and clicking percussion and willfully mutates from clattering club music to lethargic boom bap over the course of five and a half minutes. Ravin let the song loose to celebrate his birthday so show him love in the comments.

First off, props to Bondax for sharing Big Voyage with the world. The UK duo, via their own Justus label and their various social media apparatus’, have proven themselves as more than proficient tastemakers. Big Voyage aka Elias Ravin is a Brooklyn resident and a sculptor of the type of bass-heavy, R&B sampling joints that have been in vogue as of late. He has an EP out on This Way Down/ Cue Recordings, but his recent Soundcloud activity is where the action is really at. “He Doesn’t” is hectic without falling into disorder, with a sound reminiscent of Flume’s remix work. Stream “He Doesn’t” below and keep an eye on Ravin’s Soundcloud for new material.