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boards of canada

First off, it took me a while to totally get Boards Of Canada. See, I was six when Music Has A Right To Children and didn’t get around to the duo’s deeper catalogue until last year. If you were worried though, it finally clicked for me around the time I was revisiting Hi Scores. There’s a supernaturally grounded quality about BoC that I still haven’t been able to put my finger on, but it’s there. On June 10, BoC will release Tomorrow’s Harvest on Warp, their first full length since 2005’s The Campfire Headphase. You can listen to “Reach For The Dead” now. It’s excellent in that BoC way. Oh and pre-order the album here. Please.

And once again, Machinedrum proves why is among the vanguard of outside of the box producers pushing electronic music into the future. Here he takes a rare recording of a Boards of Canada performance from 1999 and, using a bootleg recording, recreates the untitled jam. There are very, very few artists who could take on something like this and Machinedrum is definitely one of them. From the mouth of Mr. Stewart:

“Using the recording I laid new drums over the existing drum patterns (almost 100% accurate to original), replayed some synth parts and the bassline. The only thing I didn’t try to re-create was the original vocoder parts and some random samples so I used the original bootleg recording for that.”

You can stream the original bootleg here. This is the type of endeavor that keeps me engaged in listening to and sharing music with all of you beautiful people. Enjoy.

Update: Free downloads have run out, but you can grab the track here.