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boddika and joy orbison

Just in case you needed some reassurance (you shouldn’t) that Boddika and Joy Orbison are masters of the universe (or at least my universe), Boddika lets loose the “Mercy VIP” and now the pair get together for “&Fate”. Like the “Mercy VIP”, “&Fate” will appear on Nonplus Records’ upcoming Think & Change compilation. Like the “Mercy VIP”, “&Fate” is a meticulously constructed groover that is sure to get both hips and thighs moving at the same damn time. Unlike the “Mercy VIP”, “&Fate” falls on the deeper side of the house/techno spectrum and is certainly less of a peak time anthem. Think & Change drops on March 11. Don’t sleep.

boddikaTo say everyone and their mother’s dog has been waiting for Boddika’s “Mercy VIP” on pins and needles is something of an understatement. After floating around the internet for eight months, Boddika’s revamped take on his Joy Orbison collaboration has finally reached daylight in an acceptable form. You’ve probably heard the track at this point, so I’ll keep it short and sweet, but just know that this one falls in the outright banger section of techno so, like, if you’ve been wondering why there are bodies under your garage then this is probably for you. All overplayed references aside, look out for the “Mercy VIP” on the Think & Change compilation via Nonplus Records.