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Tash 2 (Credit - DFR, Radar Radio)

Over the past decade or so, the concept of DJs playing more than one style in a night has evolved from novelty status to near ubiquity. UK critics might attribute this to the refracting of the hardcore continuum while Internet theorists undoubtedly point to the homogenizing effects of platforms like Soundcloud and, to a much lesser extent, Bandcamp, as well as the merging and sublimation of previously insular, localized sub-cultures into the larger contexts of amorphous, web-driven networks. London’s Tash LC seems to effortlessly straddle both worlds, a DJ equally at home playing a historically aware set of West African highlife music or sharing the decks with bleeding edge selectors like Nkisi, Amy Becker and Superficie. The two approaches are hardly at odds in Tash’s world though as kuduro, gqom, afro beat and a range of contemporary hybrid sounds collide in her mix work, which has been aired via residency on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM and an excellent, constantly evolving slot on Radar Radio. By all accounts though, it’s Tash’s live DJ work that separates her from the competition, heard at nights like Wild Combination and her own Kartel and Boko Boko functions.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been lucky enough to catch a Tash set in the flesh, but we have snagged her for an entry into our mix series and the resulting 45 minutes should shed light on what draws fans to her kinetic style. Acoustic and electronic rhythms blend as the mix leaps from style-to-style and genre-to-genre, rarely sitting in one state for more five minutes, while maintaining a consistent mood and narrative throughout. The occasional vocal tune adds a triumphant flair to the 45 minute mix, but Tash is largely beholden to the rhythm, throwing a range of addictive, syncopated tracks into the mix and keeping a steady, hip shaking tension throughout. Beyond her explicit mix work, Tash also writes excellent genre introductions/rundowns for Rhythm Passport and collects on Soundcloud in “Tash Selects” playlists. It’s this fully realized approach and dedication to history and development that lends a richness and contextual awareness to Tash’s mixes and allows her a certain comfort level when playing drastically different styles of club music. Hit the jump for a full track list and download Tash’s session here.

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If you follow our FACT column or listen with any regularity to our show on Radar Radio, you’ll surely be familiar with Mina, the rising production star behind some of the bounciest mid-tempo hits of the last year and co-head of London’s Boko! Boko! club night and radio show. Coming off a busy Carnival weekend that included a number of gigs across the city and a surprise b2b session with funky legends Crazy Cousins, we grabbed Mina for Astral Plane Mix 122 and the result is an idyllic run down of original and likeminded material that links from funky, afro house and gqom to soca, dancehall and kizomba. With releases out on Lisbon mainstay Enchufada and Los Angeles-based Friends of Friends (a joint effort with longtime collaborator Lorenzo_BITW), Mina has quickly justified her place in the conversation over the past 12 months and if you haven’t heard her signature xylophone melodies peek through a mix this Summer then you’re clearly not going to the right parties.

At the beginning of August, Boko! Boko! (co-run by Mina, Tash LC and DJ Chin) released the JOY compilation, a kaleidoscopic effort rejoicing in ebullient dancehall, kizomba and more from the likes of DJ Bboy, Gafacci, Mapalma and more. From a curatorial perspective, the inclusions are decidedly in line with the crew’s jubilant aesthetic and two lighthearted Mina collaborations, with Lorenzo_BITW and Svani respectively, pull the whole affair together nicely. Tracks from JOY and forthcoming collaborations with Nané, Wanted, Boyfriend and the aforementioned Lorenzo_BITW are peppered throughout Mina’s Astral Plane mix, which flips the rule book a little bit and descends in tempo from the rhythmic chop of Ahadadream, Jay De Silva and Champion into more a lethargic riddim territory populated by Busy Signal, Popcaan and Beenie Man. Like everything Mina has done to date, the mix has enough bounce and funk to carry even the laziest dancefloors and if you’re looking for a mission statement from this rising London artist the look no further.

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