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As the 10th release in Rushmore‘s globetrotting World Series, Portland-based producer C Plus Plus‘ entry has a lot to be compared to, from the terraforming madness of Dreams‘ Vol. 4 to Akito‘s neck-snapping, snare-heavy Vol. 5. The company is thick in this series and it takes a strong four track effort to stand out in any way. And even though the series is chock full of functional, stripped down bangers, it’s still a pleasure to find the odd track that just embodies the spirit it intends to convey. “Bounce Trak” is a runway track with flair, from the playful glissandos, walk-bounce-walk-repeat flow and on to the bang the box percussion. Think breaks and luscious pad work fill out the work, but the splintering percussion and formal intention are the focus here and while traversing several other spheres including techno and electro, the rest of Vol. 10 achieves on a similar level. World Series Vol. 10 is out Monday, August 24 and can be previewed after the jump.

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As Apothecary Compositions has expanded from a small, cassette-focused club music imprint to a huge online store featuring releases from PAN, Tri Angle, Hyperdub and more. While a discerning onlooker might expect the label side of the operation, headed by Joseph Morris aka Druid Cloak, to look for bigger, more populist artists in tandem with the web store’s expansion, they would be mistaken. Instead, Apothecary is still one of the foremost outlets to find up-and-coming club music flexing their abilities. Portland, Oregon’s own C Plus Plus is the latest to join the roster, bringing the Cearà LP to the Apothecary shelves. Heavily featuring fellow Portland resident Karmelloz, the two have already released a joint 7″ for Hallowed Articles, the four joint tracks show remarkable chemistry, a blend of C Plus Plus’ driving club rhythms and Karmelloz’s elegiac house flow (seen on labels like 1080p and Hoko Sounds). “Gunshot Riddim” is our favorite of the bunch, a riddim flavor packed with ballroom energy and a cyclical vocal sample at once lulling and invigorating the track into the next bar. Cearà cassettes are shipping now so get yours before supplies run out.