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In our ‘Purveyors’ feature on Car Crash Set, label head Ill Cosby spoke about a new Mak & Pasteman EP on the horizon and like magic, previews of the upcoming The Throwback EP appeared on Soundcloud today. Instead of Mak & Pasteman though, it’s Mak vs. Pasteman as the two will each contribute two solo tracks to the project. In typical fashion, the British duo flex their collective muscle, with their throbbing bass-heavy take on Garage. Stream the EP below and catch it on C/C/S on October 2nd.

In this day and age, just about anyone can run a record label. WordPress and Blogger allow for the creation of a snazzy website in minutes, while Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Mixcloud, etc. allow for the free  (or reasonably cheap) proliferation of music. Digital music distribution is as easy as ever. This also means that the market is completely flooded with underdeveloped concepts, both in the music itself and in the pseudo-labels that distribute it. When a label does succeed at bridging the gap between functionality, aesthetic and sonic quality, it makes it that much more impressive. Heavy hitters like Warp, XL and 4AD have the established distribution networks and fan backing to take chances on artists, allowing them the freedom to pick and choose an eclectic roster of both old and new talent. Newer labels like Body High, Friends of Friends and Night Slugs appeal to more niche audiences and often prefer to release music digitally. To celebrate the labels we love, we bring you Purveyors. With every feature, you will find a behind-the-scenes look into the inner-workings of the most innovative, eclectic labels from across the globe. You will get to know the people pulling the strings and delivering exciting new sounds straight to your cerebral cortex. Without further ado…

The digital only label is a fairly common occurrence these days as Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Beatport have made online distribution relatively easy. These labels usually rely on email subscription lists, social media and online advertisements for promotion and can be quite obnoxious in their methods. This is going to come off as a little bit of a humble-brag, but I get a lot of badly written emails every week from labels pimping their latest release. These usually fall on a scale of unobtrusive to the obnoxious “HEY LOOK AT ______ NEW POST-TRAP&B SINGLE” variety. Anyways, digital labels walk a fine line between promotion and spam is all I’m saying.

Seattle’s Car Crash Set, helmed by man of many talents Will Creason aka Ill Cosby, eschews online promotion and allows the label’s reputation to function as its sole promotion tool. With releases from risers like Cedaa, Mike G and Mak and Pasteman, many of you are probably surprised you’ve never heard of C/C/S. The truth is that there aren’t many people outside of the Northwest who are familiar with Cosby and/or C/C/S. This is because Cosby intentionally throws a veil around the label’s proceedings, giving listeners a chance to put in some good old fashioned legwork to find out about artists and releases. I exchanged emails over the past few weeks with Creason, who recently moved to Washington D.C. (Seattle will miss him), to get the inside scoop on C/C/S. Hit the jump for the full interview…

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