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In 2012, anonymity in music is virtually impossible. Making music for the sake of making music and/or “let[ting] the music speak for itself” is an outdated concept. The one place anonymity still (sort of) exists is in the electronic music sphere. But even within electronic music, anonymity is disappearing as  profit is tied less and less to record sales. Performance is a must and few maintain anonymity if they have any aspirations of making music as a profession. Holy Other and Burial come to mind, but they’re  exceptions in the grand scheme of things. An anonymous artist dubbed Unknown has been making the rounds around the hype machine for a little while now, impressing with his/her’s melodic take on bass music. On November 19, he/she will release the #001-#004 EP on Champion Sound, which you can preview below. To be frank, the EP is great, one of the better garage/dubstep releases of the year so far. There will be a deluge of speculation over whoever is behind Unknown come the 19th and I’ll be waiting on the edge of my seat to see how he/she reacts. Speculation has hit on names like Aphex Twin, Burial, Four Tet and even Skrillex in recent weeks, which is fun, but probably devoid of merit. In the meantime, take the music for what it is and indulge in the soap opera.