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chrome sparksJeremy Malvin is a Michigan-resident and a quickly rising star. On stage, he’s known as Chrome Sparks and has inserted himself into that juicy middle-ground between dance music and beats that the kids seem to love these days. Sparks is Malvin’s most complete effort today and is a hugely successful collection of populist tunes that look to everyone from Daedelus to The Flaming Lips for influence. If you’re short on time, head straight to “Send The Time On”, a joint full of prog rock histrionics and some absolutely brilliant melodic tools exemplified in abstracted vocals. Stream the full EP below and head to Bandcamp to grab a free download.

chrome sparks

Jeremy Malvin lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan and makes music under the Chrome Sparks moniker. He also plays in Stepdad, fthrsn and sometimes makes music as Promises and Sean Broadway. His Professor Purple moniker has been retired. That’s what I just gathered from Jeremy’s Soundcloud description. I haven’t listened to all of his side-projects, but I really enjoy his work as Chrome Sparks so I will probably check them out at some point. As Chrome Sparks, Malvin makes the type of live instrument driven beat work that could/should make Ghostly International come a callin’. Malvin’s latest song as Chrome Sparks is called “Send The Pain On” and is his best work to date, applying the intricate, warm arrangements of his beat work to a more pop-oriented structure. The grandiose, big band feel of M83’s most recent album is probably a sonic precedent to “Send The Pain On”, although Malvin doesn’t engage in quite as many synth and vocal histrionics as Anthony Gonzalez. There’s a lot going on here, but it feels rightly structured, nothing completely out of place, but nothing too predictably placed either. If I’m not mistaken, the vocal sample is from Chevelle’s “Send The Pain Below”. Apparently, there’s some sort of EP in the works, but in the meantime you’ll have to deal with a stream of “Send The Pain On”.