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I’ve never been the biggest fan of Scottish band Chvrches’ take on “electro pop” (think Crystal Castles, not Arabian Prince), but I’m a sucker for a big remix. When that remix comes from Viennese LuckyMe representative Cid Rim, I’ll fully embrace those darn Scotts and their stylized letters. The opening two minutes of the remix are nothing to rave about, mostly just melodramatic keys and ¬†Chvrches slightly grating vocals, but Cid Rim’s scattered, percussion driven beat comes in after that and is pure magic. Stream below.

Cid Rim is straight of Vienna. At least that’s what his Facebook states. According to his band profile on the Affine Records website:

The world of Cid Rim circles around the boundless magic and mythical formulas of funk. When speaking of his influences and musical socialisation, the 25 year old producer and drummer of JSBL inevitably ends in the 70ies of the past century. Think of the JBs, big band sounds √° la Stan Kenton or the drum breaks, which widely opened his personal doors to funk.

I like funk and musical socialisation sounds vague and appealing. Cid Rim also has an upcoming release on LuckyMe. That was the sticking point for me. “A Fall For Two” was played out by Lunice on his recent stunt on Diplo’s BBC show and is a brilliant representation of the 25 year olds production prowess. Unrelenting synths swirl into a fever pitch that never comes as clomping percussion performs its own jig in the seams. The track, along with “Danger Ranger”, will be on Cid Rim’s self-titled full length, due out August 7th on LuckyMe. Stream “A Fall For Two” below.