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While everyone looses their collective shit and chops of their pinky toes for the false pyramid idols, Los Angeles’ Classixx are making better pop/disco crossovers in 2013 than anyone else. “Holding On” ¬† (and the subsequent Jerome LOL remix) set the stage for an utter takeover, but “All You’re Waiting For” is the real announcement, all throwback chord progressions drenched in molly water and champagne glitz. When a washed up Phoenix are opening for Classixx at the Coachella mainstage in 2016 you’ll think back to this moment and show thanks that you threw “Get Lucky” in the proverbial¬†waste bin.


Classixx are a Los Angeles duo who make breezy, late-aughts sounding pop music with straight-forward disco lean. It’s infectious as hell, if not a little bit retread. You all know (or should know) Jerome LOL. Recently, Classixx released “Holding On”, their most popular tune to date and, while slightly dry, is a truly great dance number. Out now on Astral Plane fave Innovative Leisure, the track has racked up countless plays on Soundcloud and garnered much acclaim on the disputably effective Hype Machine. If the original didn’t fit your fancy though, Jerome is here to save the day. It’s a simple remix in the end, a trial of addition and subtraction with voraciously growling sub bass and a delectable slow house vibe. No word on a release yet, but this gem is sure to see the light of day sooner rather than later.