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Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross is the misleading moniker of just one person; Dexter Tortoriello, a 24-year-old producer from Chicago. Tortoriello put out a six-track release, Blow EP, on April 12th of last year via Mad Decent. The EP includes a combination of live instrumentals and flourishing synths and samples, melded with Tortoriello’s own lofty vocals.

A little backstory: after posting Blow online in 2010, Tortoriello was contacted by Diplo, who was interested in bringing Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross to Mad Decent. In March 2011, Tortoriello spoke with The Chicago Reader, resulting in this article, which gives some insight into his background. Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t seem like his inspiration for Dawn Golden came from similarly electronic or “chillwave” artists, but from other genres entirely.

“When I was gearing up for the Dawn Golden recording, I listened to a lot of death metal,” he says. “Neurosis was one of my favorite bands of all time. Their whole doom, sludge-metal stuff is super inspiring to me, and the way they use their drums is a lot like—I mean in a very different way—how I would like to use my drums. Like really pounding and sort of persistent, driving drums.” (Via.)

Blow EP, though, doesn’t strike the listener as overtly abrasive. Instead, its rippling drums and wavy melodies make it true ear candy.

Today, however, we bring you producer Dntel‘s rework of Dawn Golden’s track, “Blacks,” from the Blow EP. Dntel, best known for his solo work on Sub Pop as well as The Postal Service‘s “Such Great Heights,” takes Dawn Golden’s easy, head-nodding downtempo track and adds an addictive wobbly synth and a muffled, staggering beat, managing to preserve the original’s airy vocals and wandering tone. Stream the remix and the original below; both are well worth your time.

Dntel Remix:


Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross’ Original: