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l-vis 1990

It’s always a treat to receive new audio/visual project from Sinjin Hawke’s Fractal Fantasy video-only imprint and the latest might just be the burgeoning project’s most impressive yet. “Flash Alert” is a collaboration between Sinjin and Night Slugs don L-Vis 1990. It’s all absolute madness. The video is all molten metal and rapidly fluctuating textures, an immersive experience that is at once captivating and visually abrasive. The song is built on sharp edges and high frequencies, piling loads of snares on top of swimming (both real and metaphorical) effects. In a sense, it’s a London-centric update of early Detroit techno, bringing the Motor City’s innate funkiness into the digital age.

DIS magazine

DIS Magazine is awesome. We don’t shine light on too many other music outlets 1.) Because we’re selfish and conceited, and 2.) Well, I don’t actually have anything else. Getting past that, London-resident Visionist is the latest disc jockey to contribute to DIS’ impeccable mix series (following the likes of Kingdom, DJ Funeral, The-Drum and other Astral Plane favorites) and has laid down one of the better grime/club-oriented mixes we’ve heard in quite some time. Keeping his feet firmly planted in next week, “Only Eye”  draws from a bevy of spacey yet hard-edged beat work with some highly selective MCing thrown in. Some choice Dot Rotten cuts were the highlight for me, but there really isn’t a weak spot in the mix’s 53 minute runtime. Stream/download below and peek the tracklist after the jump.

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