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DJ Pitch has made an indelible mark on London’s club and experimental landscapes over the past several years, but more often than not, the Watford-born DJ, producer, label head and promoter has operated behind the scenes. Pitch has quietly amassed an impressive catalogue of original productions, blends and mix work though, much of it settling in at the unpopular 120 BPM range and almost all of it showing a nous for rhythm and pleasing vocal manipulation. Of course, most will be familiar with his work with Tobago Tracks (TT), the label he co-runs with Gribs, and the context that we first came across his early work as Pitcheno, including an intoxicating collaboration with Organ Tapes that we still rinse to this day. It’s been a while since we’ve heard Pitch’s singular voice, but that may be changing soon.

TT has been popping up on the timeline quite a bit recently and rightfully so, having curated a jealousy-inducing series of events at Peckham’s Rye Wax venue (think Ziúr, Stud1nt, M.E.S.H. and more) and trailblazing a cross-UK promoter collaboration between Liverpool’s Cartier 4 Everyone, Manchester’s Mutualism and Leeds’ Come Thru. The label’s recent releases have also been particularly striking, covering everything from DIY afrobeat (Don Sinini‘s Grove Centraal) to grand, synthetic ambient landscapes (Lucaufer‘s EP1). That sort of idiosyncratic approach to A&R work has always been at the core of the Tobago Tracks with releases from the aforementioned Organ Tapes, a collaborative mixtape with Oakland’s 8ULENTINA and forceful, Cardi B-tinged techno machinations from Object Blue in their release catalogue. It’s an approach that is also born out in the TT mix series which has been a staple for outré club manipulations and is one of the few must checks in the cluttered Soundcloud sphere.

It’s no surprise that Pitch’s Astral Plane mix also covers quite a bit of ground. Mixed on Technics 1210s and a 2 channel mixer (no FX), the selection is split into two sections, the first featuring slower, lighter sounds from Pitch’s childhood, as well as more recent contemporary British sounds, and the latter featuring an array of artists attacking the dancefloor from different angles. The previously mentioned Lucaufer’s “Pupa”, featuring Yma, starts off the selection in sublime fashion and Pitch covers a startling amount of ground in under 40 minutes. Check out more of DJ Pitch’s solo material here and if you’re in London, don’t miss the next edition of the TT x Rye Wax residency featuring M.E.S.H., Object Blue, LOFT, Malin, Iceboy Violet, MtMt and Helge. Tickets available here.