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With our Dummy Presents: The Astral Plane night coming up this Friday, our own Astral Plane DJ Team have contributed a mix to Dummy Mag’s inimitable series, chopping up label material from SHALT, Nunu, LOFT, Chants and more with a host of exclusives by Eaves, Imaabs, Jikuroux and more. The mix starts out with a stab at a Rian Treanor x 21 Savage blend and only gets more deranged from there, smashing in industrial dubstep with Lil Uzi Vert and PnB Rock. The following quote accompanied the mix:

Made up of tracks tested out in our living room and at nights in LA over the past few weeks, this recording touches on a lot of the more industrial-influenced music we’ve released without delving into full blown hysteric dystopia. It’s important to always leave room for light and whether that comes from sneaky ghost melodies in a SHALT tune or a moment affirming Lil Uzi Vert chorus we’ve tried to include plenty in our Dummy mix.

Violence, Maieli, Bianca Oblivion, The Dance Pit, Nargiz and the Astral Plane DJ Team are playing Dummy Presents: The Astral Plane which goes down Friday night from 9 PM to 2 AM at the Ace Hotel Rooftop in Downtown LA. RSVP here.


Chants has been a longtime favorite of our operation, appearing among the Heterotopia bonus tracks and contributing a remix for Mike G’s “Limestone” on Heterotopia Remixes Vol. 1. Over the years, the Wisconsin-based artist has become one of our most covered artists and when he sent us a nearly-finished bundle of manic, outsized tracks, we knew that it was important to bring him on for an official release. The Zookeeper is out on April 29, but Dummy has the jump on “Silencer Magpie”, a track that has had us in fits since first listening. If you’ve been following our shows on Radar, you’ll surely recognize this one and we’d be surprised if it didn’t infiltrate the more adventurous end of the DJ spectrum over the coming weeks and months. Head to Dummy to catch an insightful interview with Chants about the genesis of The Zookeeper, stepping away from producing for rappers and the influence of David Mitchell’s Ghostwritten.