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The concept of rave revivalism has a ton of negative connotations, mostly due to lowest common denominator American festival fuckery. Manchester resident Lone’s past two albums distinctly aim at early 90’s rave music, but don’t expect to find any butt chuggers bumping Galaxy Garden any time soon. Take his latest remix of Egyptian Hip Hop’s phonky “Yoro Diallo” for example. Lone keeps the tempo low, but still manages to induce mass euphoria by utilizing sweeping synth pads and the original’s beatific harmonies. Lone’s skittering percussion annunciates the early rave tropes allowing “Yoro Diallo” to tumble into a nostalgia filled plane. Stream below and look out for an official release via R&S Records.


Straight out of Manchester’s famed independent rock scene, Egyptian Hip Hop have all of the technical skill of a band like Grizzly Bear mixed with a youthful brashness you rarely find anymore in the “indie” realm. There newest effort, “Yoro Diallo”, is full of funky basslines and tight, inspired harmonies. It’s good to have the Mancunians back in proper form. The track is the second single off of the band’s upcoming album, Good Don’t Sleep, dropping October 22 on R&S. In case you were wondering, Yoro Diallo was a Malian musician. Stream below.