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ziúr 2

Berlin-based duo Evvol entered our consciousness last Summer with their debut Eternalism LP, offering a refreshingly subtle take on dancefloor-focused pop that hardly fits into the “darkwave” label often ascribed to them. A little under a year later and the album has received a collection of remixes including a twisted effort from Ziúr, one of our absolute favorite Berlin producers who has a load of head-turning music that’s slated to come out over the next year or so. An appearance on the Tropical Waste NTS Show and tracks like “Lips” and “Collar Bone” (featured in February’s For Club Use Only) have begun to drawn attention to Ziúr’s outsized cyborg-ian productions, tracks that seem to balance on a knife’s blade between a host of sounds, balancing the tension inherent in dubstep with a more manic resemblance to hardcore. As far as the Evvol remix goes, Ziúr took on “Four Steps From Home”, potentially the most dance-ready track of the album, and transformed it into a growling, heaving monster, the original’s chorus pitched down into a ritualistic yawn and eventually almost entirely abandoned in favor a collection of creaking metallic noise and echoing blips that almost seems to harmonize in the copious amounts of empty space in the production. Ziúr doesn’t have an official release out yet, but the Berliner already has a sound that’s all her own and is only set to expand and mutate into exciting new spaces as her career progresses. Artwork for the remix was done by Stefan Faehler.