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I can’t pretend to have known Austin Peralta or to be profound enough to properly eulogize him, but what I can do is recognize the enormous outpouring of love for a young man and transcendent musician who has tragically passed away. It’s easy to portray false love/appreciation through a computer screen, but I truly believe in the genuine nature of the hundreds of tributes that have popped up across the web. I remember seeing Austin at Low End Theory earlier this year and remarking on the ingenuity of his (quite literally) mind melting solos, but leaving halfway through the set nonetheless. Whether it was a lack of patience or just pure laziness, I can’t remember, but Austin’s passing has enlarged a feeling of deep personal regret. On a larger scale, Austin’s passing, like his music, is a remark on the ephemeral nature of life itself. So please, listen to this recording from Austin’s release party in Eagle Rock last year and recognize the incandescence that was Austin Peralta.

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It has been incredible to watch Amon Tobin, an accomplished, but fringe member of the electronic music community, gain the critical and popular acclaim that he has over the past two years. Tobin’s ISAM production has taken the world by storm and put other A/V shows to shame. It has also opened a door to hundreds of producers making hip hop music within an ambient framework. Similar to Clams Casino (not in style, but in career trajectory), Tobin has really fathered his own sound that has seen rapid proliferation across the U.S. and abroad. Eyelight, the production duo of The Philosofist and Politishen, are one of many outfits clearly influenced by Tobin and taking his sound in exciting new directions. While much of ambient-esque hip hop can be derided as meandering and pointless, Eyelight have a definite intention to their tunes. Stream and download “20604”, an ode to the 206 (Seattle) and 604 (Vancouver), below.