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Taking cues from pirate radio and the Cubase DAW, Filter Dread will make his much anticipated debut on RAMP Recordings with the MIDI Space EP. Set for a June 23 release date, the EP matches the frantic breakbeat-led madness of jungle with off-kilter grime futurism, drawing impressive directness out of potential disarray. A few weeks ago, we heard “Stolen Dub” in the Birmingham-based producer’s Astral Plane mix and the iniquitous song sets the stage for MIDI Space perfectly. It’s dark and industrial, but also brings to mind technological prowess and other worlds. Firmly grounded in the work of outlaw technicians years past, the song encapsulates the inherent ephemerality of the pirate radio form.


The majority of producers attempting to recreate UK ‘nuum sounds either look to reinvent or recreate classics from a past era. Few though, have the acumen or the audacity to deconstruct, pick apart and piece back together the individual components of jungle, grime, two step, etc. It’s the quality that makes Rabit and Visionist so intriguing and it’s what is about to bring Birmingham-based producer Filter Dread to a far more widespread audience. Having already released on Lost Codes, Egyptian Avenue and UK Trends, it was announced earlier his week that his next EP will be released on Tom Kerridge’s RAMP Recordings, the venerable outlet that has been the home of Zomby, Flying Lotus, Mickey Pearce, SBTRKT and other contemporary titans. Inspired by “short sampling space, limited save functions and other restrictions,” the EP will be titled MIDI Space and will be released on June 23.

Filter Dread grew up attending raves in the fields surrounding his home town of Cambridge and has been fascinated with the eclectic fringes of soundystem culture ever since. Attending raves led to an interest in jungle and drum & bass and later an indulgent approach to recording software, specifically ways of analogue sounds sans hardware. We were lucky enough to grab Filter Dread for a guest mix at this frenzied time of year and the result is breakbeat-led, deconstructed madness. Ostensibly based in jungle, the mix almost entirely lacks propulsion, placing the listener in a disorienting, hallucinogenic world where heavily layered breakbeats are equally likely to dissolve into beatific xylophone melodies as they are a quivering squarewave synth. The dub-y qualities his cassette tape only Space Loops EP are readily apparent, but the mix, and the previews of his upcoming work, offer a more physical result than that floating, astronomical EP. Hit the jump to check out the full track list and be sure to grab MIDI Space on June 23.

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