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Last November, London’s Local Action crew headed up to Hull (in the Northeast of England) to throw a house party with the resulting frenzy gaining legendary status in the weeks and months after. Tom Lea, DJ Q, Slackk, Inkke and Finn aren’t the first people to step away from London’s vaunted club landscape to turn to more plebeian methods of partying, but from afar, the party was a breath of fresh air and a respite from the venue politics of the capitol. And once the videos and Tweets started to flow out, it was clear that the rawkus party was an unabated success. Amid the debauchery, DJ Q dropped a surprise bootleg of Finn’s Boxed smash “Keep Calling” and in the months since, the track has become the centerpiece of Finn Remixed, a Local Action release also featuring Samename, Strict Face and Fallow. Following the house party ethos and precedent set by DJ Q, none of the remixers were given stems for the Ginuwine-sampling “Keep Calling”, “Only Boy” or “My My”, forcing them to bootleg the track into oblivion.

It’s not just that Finn and his mates throw house parties and bootleg each other’s tracks, it’s that a palpable cohesion exists within the Local Action family. With one vinyl-only single on the label, Yorkshire-born Finn is already an integral member of the collective, bringing the party north to his mate’s place in Hull and adding an incisive, youthful energy to the label side of things. “Keep Calling” wasn’t only a Boxed hit, it was a song, along with DJ Milktray’s “Hotel”, that resulted in a bout of nostalgia for the days of Blackjack and Iron Soul, bridging the gap between grime’s younger, Internet-supported producers and the slightly older cohort. Finn’s deejay sets have also begun to garner acclaim for their omnivorous nature and high energy, an energy that carries over in his past recorded mixes for the likes of Mixpak and LOGOS. And his Astral Plane mix is no different, a raw-as-hell mixture of ghetto house vinyl rips and dubs from Samename, Strict Face and a choice cut from Finn himself, drawing lines between crossover hits from Katie Pearl and ruff Chicago cuts from DJ Clent, Jammin Gerald, DJ Deeon and more. The two aesthetics do share a common BPM after all and while most DJs fall flat when trying to blend the two, Finn’s selections tend to excel. If you’re UK-based Finn will be playing out at the Boxed x Chow Down night in Manchester on March 6 and the Boxed 2nd Birthday in London on March 20.

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For the last 12 months, Slackk, Mr. Mitch and Oil Gang’s Boxed club night has set the bar for what a grime night should look like, drawing in just about every instrumental grime producer of note. To celebrate their one year anniversary, which is occurring this Friday at Birthdays in Dalston, the crew has put together a wildly colorful 18 track compilation featuring some of the most exciting producers in the game. Astral Plane mix contributors Strict Face and Logos appear, as do a host of other transcendent talents including Rabit, Mumdance, DJ Milktray and Inkke. In another year, we might be looking back at Boxed Vol. 1 in a similar fashion as we do Grime 2.0 these days. There’s really no excuse not to grab this masterstroke immediately.