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So the legendary Wu-Tang Clan aren’t what they once were. Once you accept that, their new music will be far more palatable. Unfortunately, as Jeff Weiss eloquently lays out here, it is impossible to not compare the new with the old and to come to conclusions regarding the state of the group and its worth within your own personal life. That’s why I’m going to focus on BadBadNotGood instead. On the late side of 40, Rae, Ghost, U-God and Kool G Rap come as correct as you’d expect them to on a RZA/Quentin Tarantino project. I’ll leave it at that.

Back in April, I was lucky enough to see BadBadNotGood not once, not twice, but 6 or 7 (it’s a little murky) times at Coachella. The Toronto youngsters were the house band and performed warm up/cool down sets in the campground before and after the festival each day and to be honest with you, it was probably my favorite part of the festival. In just over a year, the trio has gone from unknown jazz/hip hop cover band to, and I might be off-base here, but the best/go-to live band in hip hop that is not named The Roots. They’ve covered everyone from James Blake to Waka Flocka and performed with Frank Ocean and Pharaoh Monch… just to name a few. Recently, BadBadNotGood have dipped their toes into the production pool… and when I say dipped their toes, I mean gone the fuck in with some of the most legendary MCs in history.

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