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Over the past week or so, everyone and their mother have begun posting year end lists in one form or another. While perusing these song/album/mixtape/EP/single/live show/remixes/album art/video/DMX moment lists, you’ll probably come to the realization that you disagree with 90% of them and feel the urge to leave a vindictive comment on one article or another noting the surfeit of fecal matter spewing out of writer A or blogger B’s mouth cavity. First of all, resist the urge. Year end lists are silly and pointless, but they are someone else’s opinion. Anyways, we will not be writing any year end lists,  because of the aforementioned clusterfuck that has already ensued. We will post a (brief) roundup of general shit we’ve enjoyed this year and maybe link to some other lists that are prescient or that mirror what we enjoy to a certain extent, but probably not. We have a bunch of amazing sounds for you this week, including Benjha’s brilliant “Flight Simulator, so maybe you should just hit the jump and enjoy some positive music. Maybe fanute around your room to it. You know we will. Just don’t think about lists.

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In my expert opinion, three songs have touched on pop perfection this year (so far): Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You”, Miguel’s “Adorn” and AlunaGeorge’s “Your Drums, Your Love”. It’s no surprise that each one of these has been remixes countless times, with very mixed results. “Your Drums, Your Love” is the most recent of the three and has already seen the release of an official remix EP featuring Lil Silva and Duke Dumont, as well as numerous unofficial remixes. Unfortunately for all the rest of you producers, Friendly Fires have entered the building. Clear your palm pilots, surround yourself in cushy pillows and let this track envelop you. The Aluna/Aaliyah comparisons are no accident and Friendly Fires don’t miss a beat. This is pop music transcending pop music. Stream below.