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Happa, the prodigal son of everything good and holy in the techno-verse, got in the holiday spirit last week to give away the unremittingly dark “Freak”. 2012 was the year that the once ubiquitous TR-303 came roaring back and while it didn’t quite permeate the mainstream, the machine was utilized far and wide. On “Freak”, the 15-year old wunderkind buries traditional acid under a mound of dirt, forcing the relatively traditional sounds to squelch out from deep within a cave. It’s not Happa’s biggest or best effort, but it offers a side of the producer we haven’t seen yet and, well, it’s free. Stream and download below.

Who would have thought that such massive sounds come from such an innocent source? Just look at the above photo of Happa. Not trying to belittle him by centering on his age, but fuck, dude is 15 and churning out some of the most stomp-worthy techno (if you can even call it that) we’ve heard all year. This is one those posts that, if you don’t have a strong pair of headphones or speakers, you should probably skip over. When the vocals cut away… just tear your hair out. This is what every horror movie should sound like, the kickdrum playing the part of the man with a knife behind every curtain. Stream below.

At only 15 years old, Happa has garnered a remarkable amount of attention for his originals and remixes, getting play from the likes of Four Tet and Mary Anne Hobbes. A few weeks ago, he released the Beat Of The Drum single, a low end heavy offering that has been well-reviewed by, well, everyone. I was hesitant to listen to the single for one reason or another, but finally got around to it last night and god damn does this kid have some production chops. Much of the talk around Happa has regarded his potential, but he is in the here and now, churning out huge bass jawns. Alternating between techno and garage rhythms (which features remixes from Throwing Snow and Apes and Seb Wildwood ), Happa shows an impressive understanding of the ebb and flow of tension, allowing his tracks to grab you by the scruff of the neck and basically have their way with you. The single is out now on Church and you can stream it now now courtesy of FACT Mag.