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With their feet firmly set in Vancouver and their sights set high, the fledgling ASL Singles Club label/clothing line is one of the most inspiring outfits operating today. Headed by Vancouver residents 8prn, Heartbeat (s) and Chef, the label has already released a series of impressive singles from Nick Wisdom, Autem and Rook Milo. We were lucky enough to grab 8prn for a quick conversation about ASL and ended up roping the mysterious Mr. Chill into contributing a guest mix on the part of the label. Mostly 4/4 fare, the mix features upcoming ASL material from Prison Garde and Sleepyhead as well as a few well-placed unreleased jams from the likes of Motions (formerly of Grown Folk) and the Amsterdam-based Presk.

Who is Mr. Chill and who makes up the ASL family? Is it mostly a Vancouver-based thing or more of a global affair?

ASL is run by Chef, 8prn and Heartbeat(s), with some help from Mr. Chill, an older dude who invests in us. The fam extends to the artists who release with us as well; Rook Milo, Autem, Nick Wisdom, Sleepyhead and more to come. At the moment we are majority Vancouver based, although we have releases lined up from artists in other cities and countries; Montreal, NYC, and London.

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As Canada’s western-most metropolis, Vancouver is generally ignored in the electronic music debate, but recently a crop of producers have begun to demand more attention. Of that crop, few are making creative inroads quite like Heartbeat(s) (Markus Garcia of LOL Boys fame) and 8prn, the sometimes collaborators and always R&B auteurs. They don’t make R&B in a traditional sense, but if you listen to their new collaboration “Wait”, the Timbaland influence is strong and the framework for light night club play is certainly there. And really, what is R&B production anymore? With Bok Bok, Nguzunguzu, Jam City and more contributing to Kelela’s tape, Shlohmo working with Jeremih and Ty Dolla Sign/TeeFLii putting out tapes with DJ Mustard, the traditional R&B archetype has been all but destroyed. Stream “Wait” below and download here.