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We first heard it on his seminal Essential Mix last August and it is now available to the masses in its full, unadulterated brilliance. Just another edit from the driving force behind the best pop act in the world. A song that brings to mind a tropical beach as much as it does an obfuscated dream world, Jamie’s edit of Holly Miranda’s (who also owns a spot on XL’s roster) “Slow Burn Treason” is an exhibition in half-step percussion mastery. Imagine some young whomp-enthusiasts (no hate) finding out that Jamie used essentially the same format for “Slow Burn Treason” as their beloved Skrallex’s? High comedy. Anyways, Jamie strings Miranda and Kyp Malone’s (of TV On The Radio) ethereal vocals into a deeply orchestral territory, all the while avoiding the bombast that is usually associated with orchestra strings. it also sounds vaguely tropical, which is utterly perplexing to me. Whereas “Far Nearer” utilized steel drums to develop an overtly tropical sound, “Slow Burn Treason” reaches the surf without any (to my knowledge) instruments, samples or effects that could evoke sandy beaches or palm trees. This man’s ceiling has no limit. Look out for The xx’s Coexist on September 10 and cross your fingers for some sort of full length from the ever precocious Jamie.