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“We believe in the timeless appeal of music. Eschewing trends and opting to champion the great and exciting, the new and idiosyncratic. We join the dots between inspiring electronic legends and cutting edge emerging talent.”

So goes the tag line on the Huntleys + Palmers Soundcloud and while most PR-oriented statements are grating and only tenuously true, the H+P universe is truly divergent, a thriving constellation of releases and club nights that draw from a staggeringly eclectic range of the electronic-music world. Over the past nine or so years, Andrew Thomson, head of the label and promotions entity, has crafted H+P into one of the premiere outfits in the left field end of the dance music realm, splitting time between Glasgow and London and building a community around his and Auntie Flo’s Highlife parties. 2011 was the year the label started in earnest and in the five years since, H+P has released everything from a split Auntie Flo & DJ Sdunkero single to Mehmet Aslan’s still important Mechanical Turk EP and on to SOPHIE’s first official release. It takes a true music obsessive to expressively document such a range, but Thomson’s work comes across at effortless and by bringing everyone from Actress to Matias Aguayo to Charanjit Singh out to Highlife, the label’s work is even further solidified.

We’ve been talking with Thomson about doing an Astral Plane mix since late 2014 and when he sent through the volume we’ve gone with, we couldn’t be more excited. Comprised of Thomson’s (as Huntleys + Palmers) opening set for SOPHIE on the enigmatic producer’s Glasgow tour date in January, the set shows off H+P at it most playful, considered best, matching everything from sultry “Lollipop” covers to old trance and plenty of sneaky label material. We also exchanged emails with Thomson to get a better sense of his inspirations when he started H+P as a label, his desire to get involved with music supervision for soundtracks and where he generates the most digital trash. A split Alejandro Paz and Carisma single is all we’ve received from H+P so far this year, but according to Thomson we can expect new music from CAIN and Lena Willikens and a host of on-point parties is more or less a given. No track list for this one at the moment so you’ll have to dig!

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