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Meet Ice Burgandy, West Coast Brick Squad member and Inglewood-native. He may or may not have been involved in a Debo-like incident with The Game last year and is probably not someone you want to fuck with. You might remember him from his verse on “Homies” off of Wacka Flocka’s apogeic Flockaveli. Last month, Burgandy dropped not one, but two brand new mixtapes on Brick Squad day, the aptly titled Rhythm & Burgandy and Burberry Burgandy. The tapes feature a menagerie of 1017 regulars including YG Hootie, Sony and Flocka himself and see Burgandy exhibiting his LA-centric take on the familiar Brick Squad model to new levels. If you’re looking for your standard turn’t Brick Squad fare, Burgandy’s got you, but Rhythm & Burgandy and Burberry Burgandy also offer a slower, more pensive angle that evokes endless freeways more than dank traphouses. For example, take “All Good”, an achy gangster love anthem that is indecipherable as a Brick Squad track with the exception of the ever present tags. The track is distinctly un-Southern in that nothing is ever all good in Atlanta, Baton Rouge, etc.. You can grab the two tapes here and here (if you can brave DatPiff). As always, Squad up!