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throwing snow

I can’t think of a producer that evokes more raw emotion out of bass weight and synth work than London native Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow. December’s Aspera EP was Tones’ best release to date and a clandestine journey through 140 BPM heartbreak. Not one to rest on his loins, Tones recently contributed a remix to Brighton footwork master Ital Tek’s Hyper Real EP and the results are predictably brilliant. “The Flood” is a paranoiac, futuristic jawn punctuated by shuttering high hats and footwork’s traditional rapid-fire elements. Throwing Snow slows the track down and throws it into half-step, giving it a glossier sheen, while retaining the queasy nature of the original. The future is looking real good if it’s sountracked by these two wildly talented producers. Tek’s Hyper Real is out now on Civil Music.