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juicy j and the weeknd

Both Juicy J and The Weeknd have seen similar rises to fame as solo artists in the past few years, capitalizing on impeccable production and an encyclopedic knowledge of banned substances. If Juicy’s “let’s get fucked up” anthems or Abel Tesfaye’s pseudo-rape ballads aren’t your thing, you probably shouldn’t listen to “One Of Those Nights” because it pretty much stays with the preexisting script. Abel singing “she can’t feel her knees” and Juicy evoking a “yeah hoe!” chant clearly won’t result in much innovation, but fuck that, “One Of Those” nights is fun as hell in all its deranged, darker than night glory. Stream below and find a download elsewhere.

mike will made it

Even if you don’t know Mike Will, you probably know Mike Will. If you’ve been inside of a strip club, or any club for that matter, in the past 12 months, then you know Mike Will. If you’ve listened to “urban” radio in the past 12 months, you know Mike Will. If you’re a fan of Future, Jeremih, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz or Chief Keef, then you’re probably a fan of Mill Will. The truth is that Mike Will made 2012. “I Hit That” is far from Will’s best production of the year and features two mediocre, fellatio-filled verse from Gucci Mane and Juicy J. Its a silly song for silly people in silly moods. At the same time, it’s probably one of the hardest silly songs you’ll hear all year. “I Hit That” is off of Will’s upcoming Est. In 1989 tape, which will also feature Future, Chief Keef and others. Stream and download below.