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sinjin hawke

Earlier, we posted about the brand new Red Bull Music Academy compilation that features the likes of Kid Smpl, Branko, Throwing Snow and Benjamin Damage. The comp features a number of impressive collaborative tracks including a deeply referential Sinjin Hawke and DJ Slow effort. What we forgot to mention is that while the aforementioned Sinjin Hawke was in New York, he also hopped in the studio with horn chemist/legend Just Blaze and cooked up a collaboration of their own. A far cry from the Just Blaze/Baauer collaboration (no shots), “One” starts out as a piece of digitalized gospel, all soaring church melodies and barely concealed vocal bits. By the second half of the track, the duo’s dancefloor inclinations emerge as a clacking snare brings on an array of neon synth timbres and clipped vocal portions. Thanks to the FACT Mag team, “One” is freely available to the public. Stream and download below.

just blaze and baauer

When great minds meet, the results are often cataclysmic, but when great minds with equally bombastic impulse meet, the fireworks are really set off. A collaboration between Just Blaze and Baauer would have seemed farfetched six months ago, but we survived the apocalypse last month so anything is possible. “Higher” is not for the weak of heart, and while the Hova samples might be a little, let’s say outdated, the lights shine especially bright on these two impresarios. Burn this motherfucker down. Or something like that. Stream below.

Witnessing the widespread panic that followed the initial posting of Captain Murphy’s Duality last Friday was almost as entertaining and mind-boggling as the actual music/visuals. Some people are actually angry that Mr. Murphy’s identity hasn’t been revealed, while others indulge in the jaw dropping list of producers involved, attempting guesses at which beat can be attributed to which beatsmith. While the Captain’s identity is still technically under wraps, you can now take home a copy (in one long MP3) of Duality and fret over it on your daily ride to work! You can also stream the chapter-split version of the tape below, courtesy of Masked Gorilla. Apparently, a deluxe version of Duality is on the way, which will (probably) contain exciting features like split tracks, producer credits (!) and hopefully some more cult-centered visuals. In the meantime, stream below and grab the full tape here.