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Photo by Dan Medhurst

A few years back, while on time off from a study abroad period in Morocco, I was able to attend MS Dockville, a smallish festival in Hamburg featuring the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never, Holy Other and Michachu and the Shapes. Having only attended American festivals to that point, my opinion of music festivals was bleak to say the least, literal fights for space and air in what could easily be described as gigantic cesspools of humanity. MS Dockville was a welcome reprieve from the glut and general decrepitude of the American festival, both in terms of programming and general respect on the part of attendees. There was no more space at the festival grounds in Hamburg than a midsize US soiree, but the way attendees interacted with the music and each other gave the whole event a neat, cozy overtone.

Since that weekend, I’ve been aching to return to a European festival and when a friend proffered the idea of making the trip to Pula, Croatia for Outlook Festival, the soundsystem culture-focused event happening across five days in an Austro-Hungarian fort on the Adriatic Sea, the opportunity was almost too good to pass up. The legend of Outlook and Fort Punta Christo runs deep and feasting on the lineup, especially names like Boy Better Know and Kromestar that us Americans can only dream of seeing on normal terms, became a regular activity in the months and weeks before the festival, the anticipation becoming almost overwhelming as we began our 30 hour jaunt across ocean and land to reach the small coastal city.

Looking back now, a week after Outlook’s world class soundsystems finally shut down, it’s hard to imagine we were on a beach watching Hatcha and DJ EZ play out classic-laden sets or at the festival’s unmatched Moat stage brucking out as Acre and Mumdance shook down the entire Fort at the Tectonic 10 party. And more than any individual set, the opportunity to attend a festival with near-total support for its modus operandi. In short, most of the people at this year’s festival were there because of their dedication to soundsystem culture and/or its various modern forms. With a few exceptions at the top of the bill, Outlook’s lineup was composed of labels, parties and artists outside of the general public eye, meaning the likes of Amy Becker, Parris and DJ Milktray having the opportunity to lay down high energy sets in front of huge, adoring crowds.

Hit the jump for a full run down of The Astral Plane team’s experience at Outlook Festival in Pula, Croatia…

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Whether you prefer Kahn’s straight up dubstep excursions with Neek, soundsystem culture tributes as Gorgon Sound (also with Neek), or his left-field grime machinations with Bristol’s Young Echo collective, it’s undeniable fact that the Bristolian has had a huge impact on the UK scene in recent years. This week, he surpassed the 20,000 follower mark on Soundcloud and, as a thank you to the fans, laid down nearly an hour and a half of reggae, dancehall and other Jamaican music that has melded his sound. From the big man himself:

I put this mix together to give thanks to everyone who has been supporting and following my journey in music so far, whether you’ve been there from the start or have just found me today.

Reggae and dancehall music is a great passion of mine and over the years I’ve collected many records which I rarely have a chance to play out at shows. I decided to use the milestone of 20,000 followers on Soundcloud as an excuse to put together a mix of some of my personal favourites, both as an enjoyable way to mark the occasion and to hopefully give you a glimpse into part of the foundation of my sound as Kahn. To give some background and context to what I do.

For someone as uneducated about reggae, dub and dancehall as myself, this mix offered quite a bit of insight into what feeds into the various jungle-derived sounds the UK offers. Stream/download below and hit the jump to get a taste of Kahn’s contributions to last month’s war dub battle.

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